August 2009 Fighting Fit

Enlightened Warrior

According to a 2008 market study done by Yoga Journal, the majority of the estimated 18 million yoga practitioners in North America are women. That’s nothing that would make heads turn, unless you’re checking out fit girls in their lululemon pants at the gym. It’s also well-established that the most prevalent ideas that permeate yoga [...]

Smoothie Power

As Kenny Florian prepares for his upcoming lightweight title shot against BJ Penn, he’s paying close attention to an under utilized element of the MMA arsenal. In addition to rigorous strength and conditioning sessions and his versatile regimen of MMA techniques, Kenny is using the science of nutrition and biochemistry to optimize his training goals. [...]

Spotlight: Jake Bonacci

The Xtreme Couture strength and conditioning coach went from college student to MMA training guru virtually overnight. Here’s how the 26-year-old made his own rules in a field that didn’t have any. It has been said that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity — which would make Jake Bonacci one of the luckiest [...]

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