August 2009 Features

All Powers

It would be very pretentious of us to think that fighting is a modern development. Throwing fisticuffs dates back to earliest man, and even the oldest known civilizations, like ancient Babylon, knew the meaning of a good schoolyard scrap. As soon as we learned how awesome women are, we started brawling. But putting all that [...]

Vintage Beauty

The winner of FIGHT! Magazine’s “FIGHT GIRL” Contest at SUGAR BAR in Columbus, Ohio, Tiffany Habib’s name means ‘lover’ in Lebanese and ‘sweetheart’ in Syrian. We’re sure you’ll fall for this beauty at first glance—we sure did! So Tiffany, where did you grow up and where are you now? I actually grew up in the [...]


When the walls that surround you are covered in shit, that might be a sign you’ve hit rock bottom. For Jay Hieron, his entire world had atrophied to a tiny cinderblock jail cell. The sink was more like a urinal, and there was no mattress on his bed, just coils of rusty bed springs spiraling [...]

The Tempering of Nate Marquardt

In ancient times, the quality of a warrior’s weapon could mean the difference between life and death. Blacksmiths waged the first arms race, creating harder and stronger blades. “Tempering” steel was a black art and science, involving the heating and cooling of alloys for the right combination of strength, hardness, and flexibility. Nate Marquardt is [...]

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