August 2009

Summer Heat

What are you doing in the month of August? If you’re like me (which you should never admit), you probably don’t even know what you’re doing tomorrow. However, if you’re a normal person, you have plans and appointments. Well, cancel them. Just when you think months can’t get any more stacked, August comes around and [...]

Made Of Iron

Hatsu Hioki’s mat destruction of American Top Team’s Chris Manuel in Sengoku’s Featherweight grand prix was vintage Hioki as much as it was an emphatic statement: Leg trip, mount, and bring the pain. Armbar to topside triangle choke, bear down on opponent with all 143 pounds while constricting blood to the brain. And since he [...]


When the Gracie family ditched a traditional ring for a Hollywood-style arena dubbed “The Octagon” in 1993, a revolution called K-1 occurred. Kazuyoshi Ishii’s involvement in full-contact karate shifted from katas to killer instinct when he organized K-1’s first card for a sellout crowd of 10,000 in Japan in 1993. K-1 takes its name from [...]

The Science Of Submissions

Years ago, when Ricardo Almeida was a teenager just starting out in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under one of its originators, Carlos Gracie, he received a memorable lesson. The sage Gracie, who was already 90 years old, began speaking about past experiences in grappling with Japanese fighters. Then, he doled out his advice. “Always look for chokes [...]

All Powers

It would be very pretentious of us to think that fighting is a modern development. Throwing fisticuffs dates back to earliest man, and even the oldest known civilizations, like ancient Babylon, knew the meaning of a good schoolyard scrap. As soon as we learned how awesome women are, we started brawling. But putting all that [...]

Vintage Beauty

The winner of FIGHT! Magazine’s “FIGHT GIRL” Contest at SUGAR BAR in Columbus, Ohio, Tiffany Habib’s name means ‘lover’ in Lebanese and ‘sweetheart’ in Syrian. We’re sure you’ll fall for this beauty at first glance—we sure did! So Tiffany, where did you grow up and where are you now? I actually grew up in the [...]


When the walls that surround you are covered in shit, that might be a sign you’ve hit rock bottom. For Jay Hieron, his entire world had atrophied to a tiny cinderblock jail cell. The sink was more like a urinal, and there was no mattress on his bed, just coils of rusty bed springs spiraling [...]

The Tempering of Nate Marquardt

In ancient times, the quality of a warrior’s weapon could mean the difference between life and death. Blacksmiths waged the first arms race, creating harder and stronger blades. “Tempering” steel was a black art and science, involving the heating and cooling of alloys for the right combination of strength, hardness, and flexibility. Nate Marquardt is [...]

New Blood

Joe Warren Name: Joe Warren Professional Record: 2-0 Key Victories: Norifumi “Kid” Yamamoto and Chase Beebe Joe Warren hasn’t cut any corners in his mixed martial arts career, making his mixed martial arts debut in the DREAM Featherweight Grand Prix. That’s a lot of pressure for a fighter to make his debut in front of [...]

Best Enemies

“I’m gonna break you.” I laughed, and not just because of the obvious reference to Drago in the Rocky movie, but also because I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I had trained too damn hard with too high-caliber opponents to be “broken” by anyone. Especially not the fuzzy- headed Brazilian bastard standing in front [...]


In boxing, they used to be called opponents, guys thrown in there to add a quality name to a hot prospect’s record, or to provide a reigning champ with a respectable but supposedly overmatched foe. In other words, they were supposed to lose. But some of the supposed flunkies thought otherwise. The fighters on this [...]

Under Pressure

At the conclusion of his 2004 welterweight bout with Mexican fighter Jorge “The Naked Man” Ortiz, Jon Fitch wasn’t grappling with the racing thoughts of possibly losing a three-round battle. In those awkward few moments before the decision was announced, Fitch wrestled with something any fighter reading this would deem unthinkable. “I really was more [...]

Charging The Wake with Gray Maynard

In the spirit of unwinding after long, unbroken stretches of fight preparation, numerous MMA fighters will take to the outdoors for some well-deserved R&R when time permits. But the UFC’s Gray Maynard prefers something a little more intense than your average bike ride or walk along the beach: He prefers wakeboarding. In fact, after wrangling [...]

Ballers To Brawlers

Despite a withering global economy, the sport of mixed martial arts continues to grow, spreading faster than crabs through a party school frat house. Lured by the scent of fame and fortune, not to mention the sentiment that it’s far more enjoyable to punch someone in the face rather than punch a clock, new competitors [...]

Crossing Over

Jake Shields stood across the cage from “Ruthless” Robbie Lawler on June 6 at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, and it seemed like business as usual. But as the camera panned to the Jiu-Jitsu wizard when Strikeforce ring announcer Jimmy Lennon, Jr., introduced him to the masses, it became abundantly clear that something was [...]

Stepping Into My World

Three years ago, NFL defensive end Jared Allen was coming off of a disappointing 7.5-sack season. He had shown too much potential to languish in underachievement. After the season, I told Allen, a close friend of mine, that he should train with me and my boys at Arizona Combat Sports in Tempe. He certainly had [...]

Enlightened Warrior

According to a 2008 market study done by Yoga Journal, the majority of the estimated 18 million yoga practitioners in North America are women. That’s nothing that would make heads turn, unless you’re checking out fit girls in their lululemon pants at the gym. It’s also well-established that the most prevalent ideas that permeate yoga [...]

Smoothie Power

As Kenny Florian prepares for his upcoming lightweight title shot against BJ Penn, he’s paying close attention to an under utilized element of the MMA arsenal. In addition to rigorous strength and conditioning sessions and his versatile regimen of MMA techniques, Kenny is using the science of nutrition and biochemistry to optimize his training goals. [...]

Spotlight: Jake Bonacci

The Xtreme Couture strength and conditioning coach went from college student to MMA training guru virtually overnight. Here’s how the 26-year-old made his own rules in a field that didn’t have any. It has been said that luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity — which would make Jake Bonacci one of the luckiest [...]

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