August 2008 Features

Living The All-American Dream

His start should go down in MMA lore. First Lieutenant Brian Stann, US Marine Corps, was winding down his fi rst tour of duty in Iraq. Although he was in the midst of war, with the threat of death around every corner, he could not help but think about the spare time he would have [...]

Brazil Part 1 – Great Masters

On June 7th 1494, at the Treaty of Tordesillas, in an act of monumental hubris the nations of Spain and Portugal divided up the known world outside of Europe. Spain got everything west of the Cape Verde Islands and Portugal got everything that lay east, including what would become the nation of Brazil. This is [...]

Don Caballero

Inside the Palms Resort and Casino, the crowd roared when Clay Guida fl oored Roger Huerta with a fl urry of strikes, but Huerta’s world was silent. “I was out for the fi rst three to fi ve seconds. Everything was red,” he says. El Matador’s body reacted instinctively, fending off the attack as Guida [...]

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