August 2008

From One Vet To Another

A bouncing castle, a face painting booth, and a hot barbeque – it’s Frank Shamrock’s kind of day. Wearing the smile he made famous during Pancrase battles, the former UFC champion is at Moffett Field, just outside his hometown of San Jose, for something a little more serious than the airy day suggests. Shamrock is [...]

Baka Survivor

Shinya Aoki is poised to become the best lightweight fi ghter in the world. Known for his trademark yellow or rainbowcolored spandex pants, Aoki has been winning over fans with his superb technique and the ability to overwhelm opponents with his grappling prowess. Shinya Aoki’s unorthodox style is what sets him apart. The Japanese fi [...]

Living The All-American Dream

His start should go down in MMA lore. First Lieutenant Brian Stann, US Marine Corps, was winding down his fi rst tour of duty in Iraq. Although he was in the midst of war, with the threat of death around every corner, he could not help but think about the spare time he would have [...]

Brazil Part 1 – Great Masters

On June 7th 1494, at the Treaty of Tordesillas, in an act of monumental hubris the nations of Spain and Portugal divided up the known world outside of Europe. Spain got everything west of the Cape Verde Islands and Portugal got everything that lay east, including what would become the nation of Brazil. This is [...]

Don Caballero

Inside the Palms Resort and Casino, the crowd roared when Clay Guida fl oored Roger Huerta with a fl urry of strikes, but Huerta’s world was silent. “I was out for the fi rst three to fi ve seconds. Everything was red,” he says. El Matador’s body reacted instinctively, fending off the attack as Guida [...]

Stream of Consciousness

As a fan, no one remembers that us fi ghters have a hell of a lot more to worry about than the angry beast standing across the ring/cage/drugstore parking lot from us. The fl ashing lights, being spritzed down, and being touched up with glistening makeup to do a fake shadowboxing workout for a room [...]

Elbows In

Hermes Franca throws wide, looping punches. “He wings it,” says his boxing coach, Lou Martinez. Opponents see them coming, but sometimes can’t do anything to avoid the impact. Watch the tape of Franca’s third-round KO of Spencer Fisher and you’ll understand. While occasionally the technique will prove successful, or like in the win over Fisher, [...]

New Blood

Joseph Benavidez Fighting out of Ultimate Fitness with World Extreme Cagefi ghting featherweight champion Urijah Faber, Joseph Benavidez is one the best bantamweights you may have never heard of. That all changes as he gets a shot at popular fi ghter Kid Yamamoto. It’s no small task for the New Mexico native, who started his [...]

The Reality of Winning at Sports Betting

Walk into a Las Vegas casino and you’re surrounded by bad bets at every turn. The house has an edge at every game they offer, and it’s usually signifi cant – a 5% edge on roulette, from 1.4% to 16% on craps (depending on the bet), and typically between 1% and 3% for blackjack. The [...]

Open Mouth Insert Foot

It’s been nearly ten months since my MMA fi ght quest began. And in that time, I’ve come to learn quite a bit, both about this incredible sport and myself. But of all the newfound knowledge I’ve amassed, the one factoid that bears the most weight is simply this: I am absolutely, positively, 100% certain [...]

The Gilded Age

Mark Twain coined the post-Civil War period the Gilded Age for the garish displays of wealth by the new rich who had made their fortune in that uncertain time. Those entrepreneurs saw opportunities to create, produce, and consume products that had never before been envisioned. In much the same way, the rise of MMA from [...]

Glazer Weighs In

I am sick and tired of defending our sport and explaining it to every person over forty years old. Truly, I’ve had it. I had previously not minded, and actually often enjoyed and relished, educating the uneducated. But that was before the EliteXC CBS event garnered so much attention in my other world, television broadcasting. [...]

Sheridan’s Two Cents

The Ultimate Fighter television series promotes a nowfamous “six-fi gure” contract. Of course, the contract is spread over nine fi ghts and three years, with fi ghters usually seeing 12 and 12 (meaning 12 grand to fi ght and another 12 to win) the fi rst year, 16 and 16 the second year, and 22 [...]

Elbow Pain

Anyone who’s watched the UFC or other mixed martial arts events is familiar with the armbar, and everyone who has trained in MMA has undoubtedly been caught in one. The armbar is one of the fi rst submissions Jiu-Jitsu players learn, and it is the basis of many submissions in BJJ and MMA. We know [...]

Lean and Mean with Creatine?

The rising popularity of MMA has increased the demand for elite and talented competitors. Amateur and professional fi ghters are always on the lookout for an edge to intensify their skills. Athletes often search for nutritional supplements like creatine to enhance performance. But before you decide to try creatine supplements, you should know how creatine [...]

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