April 2011 Quick Hits

Monumental Moments In MMA

It was one of the most significant fights in the pre-history of modern mixed martial arts—and perhaps the worst. It was famous and infamous at the same time, and it almost wasn’t even an actual fight. There are numerous, conflicting versions of what transpired during the bout, yet we still are intrigued by it today. [...]

Spring Forward – Corissa Furr

Strikeforce has a brand new ring girl gracing the six sided cage this Spring. Her name is Corissa Furr, and she isn’t afraid to get her feet wet. Word has it that you’re quite the tomboy. Total, total tomboy. My mom would try to hand me a Barbie, I would throw it back at her [...]

Size Matters

We’re told that “size doesn’t matter,” but we all know it does. In reality, inadequate size severely limits your likelihood of playing NBA hoops or becoming president. Conversely, ex-Sumo wrestlers never become Kentucky Derby jockeys or fighter pilots. Basic anthropometrics like height, reach, and hand dominance follow us everywhere and influence how we perform physical [...]

Institutions of Higher Learning

Another college wrestling season is in the books, which means that MMA will receive a fresh crop of grapplers eager to learn the ways of the ground-and-pound. In MMA’s short history, several universities have served a shotbeds of future champions and breakout stars. However, when it comes to pure production, these five colleges are fabricating [...]

To Wear The Crown

Stephan Bonnar submits two opponents in less than four minutes (with just 20 minutes between contests) and wins a light heavyweight tournament in Hammond, Indiana, at Ironheart Crown III: Exodus. He says all that his father could talk about was “how awesome this Miguel Torres was.”   It was in Sin City that the “American [...]

5 Minutes With Dan Henderson

Here you are, four days after defeating Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante, what does Dan Henderson do after winning the Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Title?   Just having a little fun. I’ve been doing a lot of PR stuff and having a drink or two. I’ll probably do a little turkey hunting at the end of the month. [...]

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