April 2011 MMA Life

Finding Forrest

It’s been six years since Forrest Griffin became a household name by going toe-to-toe with Stephan Bonnar on his way to winning The Ultimate Fighter. Since that time, the UFC has held more than 110 live events, broadcast 11 more seasons of TUF, and become an international sensation.Without Forrest, none of that would have been [...]

From One Cage To Another

As he stood skate-to-skate with  Montreal’s Carey Price in front of a sellout crowd in February, Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas felt what it was like to be in the cage—adrenaline flowing, hairs standing on end, trying to calculate what his opponent’s next move would be. It’s not every day that a goalie gets to [...]

The Driving Force

One of the best perks of being in a popular band is traveling throughout the world and performing for thousands of fans.While Nick Miller, the rhythm guitarist of post-hardcore sextet A Skylit Drive, utterly fancies his job, he also enjoys sightseeing—including visiting some of the most legendary training facilities in mixed martial arts.   On [...]


What fight were you watching? It’s the question no mixed martial arts judge ever wants to hear, yet one that’s being asked more frequently.   In 2010, a string of controversial judging decisions divided educated fans, enraged promoters, and disheartened fighters, casting a critical spotlight on the state of MMA officiating, how it’s effecting the [...]

Mardi Gras In Milwaukee

No matter what Pat Barry threw at Joey Beltran at UFC: Fight for the Troops 2, “The Mexicutioner ” would not go down.   “I knew going into that fight that Joey had a zombiehead,” Barry says. “Joe Rogan started laughing, but that’s what I told him—Beltran is a real-life zombie. He can get hit [...]

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