April 2010 Quick Hits

5 Minutes With Jake Shields

You’ve got the biggest fight of your career coming up, defending your Strikeforce Middleweight Championship against Dan Henderson. Is it more important to retain the belt or show you can compete with a legend like Henderson?   Yeah, definitely. For me, it’s not just about the title—I obviously want to keep the title—but it’s about [...]

“7 Questions For The “Answer”"

Since entering the Octagon, UFC lightweight contender Frankie “The Answer” Edgar has gone 11–1, with impressive wins over Sean Sherk, Tyson Griffin, and Matt Veach. He now faces the biggest fight of his career against UFC legend and Lightweight Champion BJ Penn. Before heading off to Abu Dhabi, Edgar gave FIGHT! magazine “The Answer” to [...]

Aly Veneno

Born Alison Garcia, this poisonous triple threat of brains, beauty, and badass is dangerous in the best ways possible —careful, her charm will leave you snake bitten.   Where did you grow up and where are you now?   Kind of a long story, but I was born in Rome, Italy. I grew up in [...]

5 Fighting Southpaws

The Latin word for “left” is “sinister,” which evolved into the word “distrust,” because lefties are not the norm. Our calendars might claim it is 2010, but it’s still hard to trust that kid in kindergarten who can’t use the righty scissors to cut the construction paper. It’s no wonder lefties grow up with a [...]

The New Kid Arrives

From the first time Rory MacDonald walked into an MMA class, it was love at first sight. In fact, when the then 14-year-old jumped in the family car for the ride home afterward, he informed his father that he had found his calling.   So quick and so complete was MacDonald’s fixation for his new [...]

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