April 2010 MMA Life

Women & Money

Marloes Coenen thought she had it made. She was a 19 year old college student, four fights into her pro career, and had just won the 2000 ReMix World Cup MMA tournament in Japan. Unbelievably, by some grand accident of accounting or maybe just incredibly good fortune, she took home $100,000 for the tournament victory. [...]

Behave Yourself

I realize that Miss Manners is never going to write a column clarifying the essential qualities of politeness in regard to MMA etiquette. She is too busy writing articles about the difference between a shrimp fork and a relish fork. But somebody needs to set the standards by which all MMA fans should abide. Every [...]

Music Invades the Sponsorship Game

Wigby Pearson has always been fascinated with extreme sports. The president and founder of Earache Records, an independent metal label based in Nottingham, England, has worked in the past with skateboarders and BMX riders, and even released a compilation for Extreme Championship Wrestling. So when he heard that hometown boy Dan Hardy was fighting for [...]

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