April 2008

Bankroll Management

Last year, in a question-and-answer session about sports betting, I was asked to quantify the reasons that a “typical” sports bettor is usually unsuccessful betting on sports. In the previous issue of FIGHT!, I talked about two topics I said were the most important to becoming a winning sports bettor: line shopping and beating closing [...]

Brazilian Bravado

Jorge Gurgel is sitting in the last place you’d expect to find a fighter to be while at training camp, and he’s talking about the last thing you’d think he’d want to talk about. At a Japanese restaurant, Gurgel is pushing pieces of sushi around his plate while he ponders the tumultuous topography of his [...]

Going to UFC83?

Club Opera 32 Ste-Catherine W. Montreal, Quebec 514.842.2836 www.operamtl.com From ClubZone.com: Inspired by impressive clubs in London, Berlin, San Francisco, Ibiza and Miami, key figures of the Montreal nightlife and showbiz have decided to finally offer an elegant, sensual and sophisticated night club in Montreal. Its unique ambience, international clubbing elite, stars, jet setters and [...]

They Said That?!

IS THAT ALL? “The only thing I want to do is win, but the main thing is I want to break something along the way – a chin or jaw, rib, arm, some skin, anything.” –        Kimbo Slice   DO YOUR THING “I never liked fighting in the cage. I always liked fighting in the [...]

“Lights, Camera, FIGHT!”

The way things are going, it seems like its only a matter of time before mixed martial arts overtakes boxing as our society’s favorite form of legalized brutality. But despite skyrocketing ratings, there’s one area where the sweet science still reigns supreme: the movies. MMA may be drawing more new fans thanks to the awesome [...]

Did You Know?

RENZO VS. EUGENIO In September of 1997 the bout between Renzo Gracie and Eugenio Tadeau at Pentagon Combat had to be stopped due to a riot. Gracie, a Brazilian jiu-jitsu fighter and Pride FC veteran and Tadeau, a Luta Livre fighter and UFC veteran were sworn enemies at the time and their respective camps became [...]

Big Changes in the IFL

In the International Fight League, something had to change. After spending two seasons attempting to distinguish itself from the competition with a team-based format, colorful mascots, and legendary coaches, the league’s new CEO, Jay Larkin, is taking the company in a different direction, in hope that focusing more on the fighters and matchmaking will help [...]

Back Pain in MMA

Back pain affects nearly 80 percent of the population and can severely interfere with your ability to train and compete if you are an MMA athlete. Contrary to what most people believe, the most common cause of back pain is not poor lifting mechanics, but it is more often the result of poor postures and [...]

5 Minutes with Keith Jardine

Who were some of your role models growing up? My dad of course. I always looked up to my dad. He was a hard worker, a real man’s man type guy.   How did you get into MMA? I was playing some football at a college in Northern New Mexico and I met one of [...]


Being in a house with sixteen unruly, sweaty alpha males can certainly bring out the worst in people. Just ask Mac Danzig, winner of season six of The Ultimate Fighter reality series. “Some people got the idea that I’m grumpy all the time, which isn’t true at all. I love life, I just hated being [...]

Outside the Big 4

The mixed martial arts phenomenon is now worldwide. Discussions of the latest UFC take place in coffee shops, at the water cooler, and even during family meals. As the popularity of the sport has developed, so have the techniques and methods used in the ring/cage/Octagon. MMA has developed into a style of its own. But [...]

New Blood

In the exploding world of MMA, it’s sometimes hard for fans to notice some of the amazing fighters on the verge of making it to the next level. We’ve enlisted the experts at MMAWeekly.com to take you deep inside the sport, and present you with some of the newest names to watch.   Name: Glover [...]

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