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March 2010 // Names in the Game
A Father’s Fight

When Renzo Gracie said, “Everyone is fighting something,” he was referring to the everyday struggles of every human being—how they are mirrored by what we see in the cage, in the battles of our heroes. Professional fighters have always had different and personal reasons that drive them to fight, but whether it’s to feel excitement, [...]

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December 2009 // Last Call
UFC 104 Thoughts

“Effective aggression” is in the rulebook and used as judgment criteria, but you have to go with your gut sometimes on the question of who’s making the fight. Which guy wants to be in there more? Right or Robbed? Lyoto Machida is a nightmare opponent— southpaw, elusive, and a patient counterstriker with impeccable timing and [...]

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November 2009 // Names in the Game
Master Class

By now, we all know that jiu-jitsu, the arte suave, is not just a martial art— but an aesthetic art, as well. It’s an expression of creativity, personality, style and ego in a world of danger and opposition. It’s purely confrontational and at the same time uniquely collaborative. I don’t think it should even be [...]

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August 2009 // Features
The Tempering of Nate Marquardt

In ancient times, the quality of a warrior’s weapon could mean the difference between life and death. Blacksmiths waged the first arms race, creating harder and stronger blades. “Tempering” steel was a black art and science, involving the heating and cooling of alloys for the right combination of strength, hardness, and flexibility. Nate Marquardt is [...]

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December 2008 // Features
The Abyss Stares Back

Frank Mir had an accident. Everyone knows about it; it’s old hat. When I ask Frank about it, I can see his eyes roll back in his head with boredom. “Another idiot with a pencil,” I can hear him think. He knows he has to talk about it. It’s an integral part of his story, [...]

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September 2008 // Last Call
Sheridan’s Two Cents

Take a little trip in history with me, back to PRIDE 2004, Fedor Emelianenko versus Kevin Randleman. Early in the fi ght, Randleman slipped behind Fedor and performed the most vicious, perfect, belly-toback suplex in history. Up they went in the air, turning, Fedor helpless in Randleman’s grasp. They were completely detached from the ground, [...]

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August 2008 // Last Call
Sheridan’s Two Cents

The Ultimate Fighter television series promotes a nowfamous “six-fi gure” contract. Of course, the contract is spread over nine fi ghts and three years, with fi ghters usually seeing 12 and 12 (meaning 12 grand to fi ght and another 12 to win) the fi rst year, 16 and 16 the second year, and 22 [...]

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Oct/Nov 2007 // Features
A Force of Nature

BJ Penn seems to exist apart from other fi ghters. He does things that should be impossible, like moving up in weight and taking the belt, or being the only American to win Mundials (the world series of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) ever. And he looks ordinary, nondescript, with a smooth, seal-like body. My editor said, “Tell [...]

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