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December 2009 // MMA Life
In Defense of Titties

Now, I know what you’re saying: “Ryan, why do you have to defend titties? Who could hate titties? I love them!” I’m not talking about those wonderful delights that have caused men to spend crazy amounts of money on dinners at the Olive Garden. I’m talking about those wonderful MMA fighters who may not be [...]

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October 2009 // MMA Life
MMA’s Tattoos

Back when I was a kid, (and that was a looooong time ago, trust me) tattoos used to mean something. It meant you were tough. It meant you probably have been jail at least once. It meant that you gave the big middle finger to society’s norms, and decided to march to the beat of [...]

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August 2009 // Quick Hits
Summer Heat

What are you doing in the month of August? If you’re like me (which you should never admit), you probably don’t even know what you’re doing tomorrow. However, if you’re a normal person, you have plans and appointments. Well, cancel them. Just when you think months can’t get any more stacked, August comes around and [...]

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July 2009 // MMA Life
When Loved Ones…Fight

I have two little brothers, who I love more than anything – which, of course, as any older brother will tell you, means I can beat the absolute crap out of them. Dead arms, dead legs, and getting smacked with Hot Wheels tracks or whipped with wet towels. Par for the course. Now, that doesn’t [...]

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March 2009 // MMA Life
You Always Remember Your…First Time

There are but a few major happenings in a man’s life. Falling in love. Getting married. The birth of your fi rst child. Your fi rst divorce. But the problem with those events is that they all normally happen before you turn 18. At least they did for me. Please tell me I’m not the [...]

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November 2008 // MMA Life
Bloody Noses Broken Hearts

It’s a beautiful spring afternoon. The sun is shining, the birds are singing. It’s a perfect day to be with your loved one, frolicking through a meadow, picking wildfl owers, and eating baguettes on a plaid blanket. Instead, you’re the third of your fi ve fi ve-minute sparring rounds. This, of course, is after your [...]

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June 2008 // MMA Life
Faking It

We’ve all seen it while fl ipping past the National Geographic channel at 11pm on a lonely Saturday night. (OK, maybe that’s just me.) It could be footage of two silverback gorillas squaring off, beating their chests, howling like there’s no tomorrow. Or maybe it’s two rams charging towards one another at top speed, looking [...]

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