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April 2011 // MMA Life
Mardi Gras In Milwaukee

No matter what Pat Barry threw at Joey Beltran at UFC: Fight for the Troops 2, “The Mexicutioner ” would not go down.   “I knew going into that fight that Joey had a zombiehead,” Barry says. “Joe Rogan started laughing, but that’s what I told him—Beltran is a real-life zombie. He can get hit [...]

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December 2010 // Names in the Game
It’s Showtime

While most guys his age are still finding themselves, WEC lightweight Anthony Pettis knows exactly who he is. The 23-year-old Milwaukee native takes on Ben Henderson at WEC 53 on Dec. 16 for the WEC Lightweight Championship. For the guy known as “Showtime,” it is exactly that.   Sitting in a black leather lounge chair [...]

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September 2010 // Names in the Game
Using The Force

At 11-0, Ryan “Darth” Bader has quickly become a force in the UFC light heavyweight division. Now, he’s taking the biggest gamble of his career—leaving Arizona Combat Sports and creating his own gym with friends CB Dollaway and Aaron Simpson.   THE BLUEPRINT   Gary Bader and Sons Construction has been around for nearly four [...]

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May 2010 // MMA Life
Body Building

When it comes to the unique relationship between one particular custom car company and MMA’s top fight organization, it’s a marketing equation of cars and combat, and the common denominator is muscle.   These days, if the UFC wants a custom car designed for one of their Ultimate Fighter coaches, they call Findlay Customs. If [...]

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January 2010 // Features
Cain Velasquez: Searching For Aztec Gold

In ancient Aztec tradition, young men climbed in rank and status through combat. Specifically, they rose with each battle and the number of enemies they took prisoner. After five or six captives were taken, young Aztec warriors attained the rank of “Eagle” and were on their way to becoming Aztec warrior nobility. Like his Aztec [...]

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November 2009 // Names in the Game
Mike Pyle

His nickname is “Quicksand,” and for good reason. Hell, it took two months just to pin him down for an interview. It might be easy to dismiss him as another country hick who learned mixed martial arts and got real good at it. It would be simple to draw a character sketch of him with [...]

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August 2009 // Features

When the walls that surround you are covered in shit, that might be a sign you’ve hit rock bottom. For Jay Hieron, his entire world had atrophied to a tiny cinderblock jail cell. The sink was more like a urinal, and there was no mattress on his bed, just coils of rusty bed springs spiraling [...]

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June 2009 // Features
Blue Collar Fighter

Nothing soft survives the Bering Sea. A lone commercial fi shing vessel takes the repeated pounding of 30-foot waves off the coast of Alaska that make the 200-foot boat’s steel hull seem like it’s made from plywood. A veritable fl oating fi sh-processing factory, it is the essence of effi ciency with its workers putting [...]

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June 2009 // MMA Life
Across The Board

Cubs outfi elder Reed Johnson is no stranger to pain. In fact it was last April 25, 2008, against the Washington Nationals when he dove off of a full sprint, going fully airborne and smashed headfi rst into the leftfi eld wall of Nationals Park, robbing Felipe Lopez of a sure-fi re triple. And like [...]

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