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April 2011 // Fighting Fit
Your Body Never Lies

Among the training principles of the 15th-century samurais was the importance of paying special  attention to small details. Samurais believed that the finer points were the most critical aspects to winning any battle or succeeding in any endeavor. Likewise, athletes recognize that to be successful, the little things (food, exercise, and recovery) are important, but [...]

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March 2011 // Fighting Fit
Get In The Zone

There are three mental zones related to high-level performance: fight (agressive), flight (passive), and flow (assertive). The challenge for fighters is to be able to access the flow zone because it leads to optimal performance through confidence. The ability for an athlete to learn to enter the flow and resist nervousness is the next frontier [...]

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February 2011 // Names in the Game
7 Deadly Sins

Now that MMA’s popularity has exploded worldwide, it is amazing to realize that it’s essentially only 17 years old. MMA is young, brash, and impulsive, just like a teenager gone wild. And, as we also know about most 17 year olds, they often think they know everything, they don’t always listen to reason, and they [...]

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October 2010 // Fighting Fit
MMA Myth Busters

As MMA continues to grow in popularity, it seems that less-experienced trainers are creating programs to try and mimic the metabolic and cardiovascular demands of MMA. This has developed the “MMA is tough, my workouts are tough, so I am tough” mentality of training that supports concepts such as: throwing up is positive indication of [...]

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