Kevin Baltz's MMA Articles

February 2011 // Quick Hits
Bully Brewing

The last thing you want to be in this day and age is a bully…unless, of course, you are in the world of MMA. If there is an acceptable place for bullying, it’s in the cage, because there’s nothing wrong with imposing your ill will in a fight. However, in a world where bullying role [...]

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August 2010 // Quick Hits
Fantastic Four

4. SCOTT HOWARD  TEEN WOLF     The ability to “wolf out” made nerdy Scott Howard (Michael J. Fox) a basketball star with increased strength, speed,and jumping abilities. Those skills would transition nicely to the Octagon. Teen Wolf might even be able to give Rampage’s howl a run for its money.   3. DARTH VADERSTAR [...]

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