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June 2009 // Names in the Game
Facing A Legend

If you’re a tennis pro, Roger Federer is the guy you want to play against. If it’s chess, then Garry Kasparov is the ultimate test. If you are an MMA fi ghter at 155 lbs., and you want to fi ght a legend, then BJ Penn is your man. Every sport has its great players, [...]

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February 2009 // Names in the Game
Survival Of The Fittest

When people comment on how much I have improved my fi ght game I always joke that since my skills were at zero when I was on The Ultimate Fighter, I could only get better. Prior to fi ghting for the UFC, I had a record of 3-0 in my then short MMA career. The [...]

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April 2009 // Names in the Game
Killer Instinct

Killer instinct. You either got it or you don’t, right? Wrong! I believe that killer instinct is learned and honed over time. To ward off the uneducated MMA fan, I do NOT mean “killer instinct” in the literal sense. Nobody involved in MMA is trying to kill another human being. The killer instinct I’m referring [...]

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December 2008 // Names in the Game
American Ninja

The most common question I get from interviewers and fans is, “How or why did I get into MMA?” I believe MMA got into me, for there is no disturbing reason as to why my job is to beat people up. I didn’t have a tough upbringing – I had quite the opposite, actually — [...]

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