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April 2011 // MMA Life
From One Cage To Another

As he stood skate-to-skate with  Montreal’s Carey Price in front of a sellout crowd in February, Boston Bruins goaltender Tim Thomas felt what it was like to be in the cage—adrenaline flowing, hairs standing on end, trying to calculate what his opponent’s next move would be. It’s not every day that a goalie gets to [...]

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March 2011 // MMA Life
Uncorking Eddie Wineland

Miguel Torres. Brian Bowles. Dominick Cruz. The names of the WEC’s Bantamweight Champions slide off your tongue. But, before any of those guys had gotten their feet wet in the WEC, Eddie Wineland had punched and kicked his way to the title—something that was apparently forgotten about amidst all of the nostalgia drudged up at [...]

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February 2011 // MMA Life
Exception To The Rule

In professional sports, winners are rewarded, beloved, and celebrated. Winners advance. Winners move to the next round. Winners compete and take home championships. However, today’s MMA scene isn’t like most sports. If it were, Jon Fitch would be held in the highest regard. He fights, he competes, he wins, and he does so quite often, [...]

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March 2010 // MMA Life
What’s The Score?

Among MMA’s hottest topics is an aspect of the game that gets attention for all the wrong reasons. Seemingly every event has a decision where either side can debate a winner and not come to a consensus on why. But with any sport that can have an outcome based on objectivity, there are always going [...]

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December 2009 // Names in the Game
The Making of Rashad Evans

It’s rare in this sport that you have such a polarizing figure as Rashad Evans, considering he has never been in any public trouble, is a loving father and husband, tries his best, and is overall a really likeable guy — the one you’d want alongside you if you’re going to the bar or moving [...]

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September 2009 // Features
The History of The Ultimate Fighter

Nine Seasons, 108 Episodes, Nine Finales, 15 Winners, and even more careers made and improved by the experience of being on the most important and influential television show in mixed martial arts history: UFC and Spike-TV’s The Ultimate Fighter. In the last 5 years, each of the nine seasons have taken on a life of [...]

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May 2009 // MMA Life
Brotherly Love

Whether it’s a scrap over a video game, the last piece of meatloaf, or the new girl in the neighborhood, there is no set of brothers on Earth who haven’t had a tussle and got their clothes a bit dirty at some point. Thankfully, most of these disagreements end with a truce — the major [...]

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April 2009 // MMA Life
Benji Radach: Knocking Out Adversity

The distance across most MMA cages is approximately 30 feet. For a fi ghter, closing that space represents crossing the point of no return and what happens at the moment of impact can mean victory, defeat, injury and potentially life-changing events, positive or negative. For Benji Radach, his battleground on an October morning in 2004 [...]

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January 2009 // MMA Life
Planning The Punch

The news of Randy Couture’s return to the UFC came quickly and without much warning. While rumors spread throughout the fi ght world, within a few days UFC organizers had an opponent ready for Couture in Brock Lesnar, a major venue ready to host the fi ght, and the marketing/PR machine in place to push [...]

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