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October 2012 // Quick Hits
Behind the Fight

At every UFC weigh-in, Joe Rogan lovingly calls Burt Watson “the babysitter to the stars.” As the UFC’s site coordinator, he is responsible for ensuring fi ght week goes smoothly from the time the fighters arrive to the time they leave. For over a decade, the 63-year-old Watson has seen it all, but as long [...]

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June 2012 // Names in the Game
Unleashing the Barbarian

Armed with one of the most well-respected coaches in the business and back in the UFC for his second stint, Tim Boetsch is on a three-fight winning streak and is ready to face his biggest challenge against Michael Bisping—and it all started in a basement. A four-time high school state wrestling champion from Maine, Tim [...]

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April 2012 // Quick Hits
The Rise Of Wonderboy

Kicking off a fight card can be a lonely experience—even in the UFC, which usually reserves that spot for newbies and snoozers competing in quarter-filled arenas. To make fans take notice is a difficult feat, but Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson was up to the task at UFC 143. Stephen Thompson got his opportunity to open up [...]

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November 2011 // Quick Hits
Nurse On Call

By looks alone, Phil Nurse isn’t the most intimidating chap in the world, with his calm demeanor and 5’7” frame giving off a more man-on-the-street than man-in-the-ring vibe. But for three decades, “Kru” has been a man of action, winning multiple championships in the world of Muay Thai and running a successful school in New [...]

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October 2011 // Quick Hits
Pretty In Pink

Undefeated UFC light heavyweight Phil Davis brings awareness to the fight against breast cancer. Former WWF Champion Bret “The Hitman” Hart was famous for donning pink and black tights during his days of competition, a visual change of pace in the rough-and-tumble world of professional wrestling. A man with a different kind of wrestling background [...]

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September 2011 // Names In The Game
Seeing Is Believing

Alan Belcher returns to the Octagon. There are a lot of things taken for granted when waking up in the morning, not the least of which is the ability to see. Alan Belcher was no different. Throughout a six-year pro career, worrying about his vision wasn’t part of his daily concerns. A rising fighter in [...]

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