Jason Chambers's MMA Articles

November 2010 // Last Call
It’s Tourney Time

Tournament. A word once synonymous with mixed martial arts has all but vanished in the past few years. It is also a word that sparks a lot of debate and invokes strong feelings in fighters and fans alike.   A tournament is like watching your favorite movie. You sit down with a certain expectation, hoping [...]

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August 2010 // Last Call
The Real Deal

I’ll be the first to admit that I was skeptical when the UFC announced the addition of a WWE star to their roster. It seemed like a slap in the face to any real mixed martial artist. How could this one dimensional fighter expect to compete in the Octagon? So on February 2, 2008, I [...]

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July 2010 // Names in the Game
Luck Has Nothing To Do With It

Just about everyone who trains in MMA knows at least the “basic” moves.But what about those submissions or strikes that leave your jaw on the floor,a mental image burned in your brain, and a lasting impression that you refer to for years after the fight. I did the honors of sifting through fight footage from [...]

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June 2010 // MMA Life
The Secret Six

During my global travels as host of The History Channel’s Human Weapon, I was able to explore a variety of martial arts. While the show’s focus was primarily the history of these arts, mine was their practicality. Having been involved in some form of traditional martial arts since I was six years old and MMA [...]

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November 2009 // Quick Hits
All For One

I love mixed martial arts and the people involved in it. So what do you do when you love something? You protect it. I’ve had the privilege of being involved in MMA for more than 15 years now, and I, like many, have watched the sport grow from its days of relative obscurity to the [...]

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