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December 2010 // Names in the Game
Story Time with Forrest

Back when I was 23 or 24 years old, I competed in an MMA event in Orlando, Florida. A few hours before the show started, I was in a locker room with a middle-aged karate champion and his son. Although I don’t know the son’s name, I am pretty sure it was Daniel or some [...]

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March 2011 // Names in the Game
To Boldly Go

Back in the day—the “day” being approximately 1994—fighters were clueless in every regard. It wasn’t until everyone got their asses handed to them by a skinny Brazilian named Royce Gracie (being the culturally aware world citizen that I am, I thought he was a Mexican in pajamas) that they realized they had to train in [...]

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June 2010 // Names in the Game
The Dude Abides

I felt compelled to address manliness in today’s society, or the lack thereof. If you take a hard look around, you’ll notice that testicles have gone the way of the appendix. That’s right, the vast majority of men have essentially become eunuchs. What are the signs? Well, the fact that tattoos and tanning beds have [...]

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March 2010 // MMA Life
That’s Music To My Ears

Some people will tell you that the most important part of preparing for a fight is the actual training. They are wrong. Proper preparation has nothing to do with grappling or sparring or doing heavybag work. It’s all about selecting the proper “walk-out” song (notice how I used the term “walk-out” rather than the term [...]

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