Dave Kalstein's MMA Articles

November 2009 // Features
The Prodigal Son Returns

The musky scents of sweat, menthol liniment, and leather hang heavy in the air at the famed Wild Card Boxing Club, in Hollywood, California. Roughly twodozen fighters of all shapes, sizes, and skill sets pound bags, jump rope, and shadowbox. Wild Card’s owner is the most famous trainer in the world, Freddie Roach, and when [...]

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May 2008 // MMA Life
Bright Lights Big City

There’s a school of thought that maintains fi ghters should live like monks. No sex, no booze, no contact with popular culture or anything that distracts them from their training. Stories of isolation from the world have become as proverbial as they are predictable: the high-altitude training sessions in Big Bear, the Spartan purity of [...]

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