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February 2010 // Fighting Fit
Hard To The Core

The core row is one of the best exercises to build strength and size in the upper back. Strong lats and rhomboids are important for fighters because they help boost punching power and improve shoulder health. Fighters also need a super strong core. The hardest strikers have the strongest cores. A floor crunch, however, won’t [...]

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February 2010 // Fighting Fit
Burpee Basics

Your body must be ready for action. It doesn’t matter if you’re getting ready to practice Muay Thai, wrestling, jiu-jitsu, or if you’re about to hit the weights, your muscles and joints must be prepared. Many injuries occur when you force your muscles to work before they’re ready. For years, athletes would warm-up by stretching, [...]

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December 2009 // Fighting Fit
3 Mistakes A Fighter Makes

Sometimes knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what to do. MMA is a relatively new sport where its coaches have borrowed training strategies from many other areas: karate, boxing, jiujitsu, and wrestling, just to name a few. But MMA is not like any one sport. It requires a unique training [...]

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November 2009 // Fighting Fit
3 Progressions

Your body is an extremely malleable machine. It will get bigger, stronger and faster, but only if you force it to do so. Most people make great gains in their first month of training, but then everything comes to a screeching halt. What happens? In most cases, you’ve forgotten to put a progression plan in [...]

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September 2009 // Fighting Fit
Dead Lifts For MMA

Gone are the days when a fighter could reach the top of his game without being strong. These days, a fighter needs every advantage he can get, and there’s no better way to get that edge than to boost your full body, sport-specifi c strength. THE DEAD LIFT FOR MMA The dead lift is one [...]

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October 2009 // Fighting Fit
Train To Succeed Not To Fail

Fighters are tough dudes. That’s no surprise to anyone reading this magazine, but that toughness can sometimes come at the expense of better performance. You see, when a fighter hits the weights, he usually approaches the task with the same intensity he brings into the cage: every set is taking to mind-blowing failure. But I’m [...]

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April 2009 // Fighting Fit
Cardio Myths

Myth #1: Short bouts of high intensity anaerobic training have no carryover to longer-duration aerobic endurance. It was once thought that training at a high intensity for short periods of time—say, 10 minutes—would build your endurance for no more than 10 minutes. That’s why old-school coaches had their fi ghters run for an hour every [...]

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January 2009 // Fighting Fit
“Train Smart, Train Less”

Developing badass, combat endurance requires a unique approach to conditioning. Unfortunately, many forms of aerobic training that have no business in an octagon or cage have infi ltrated MMA conditioning. One of the biggest culprits is long, drawn-out cardio sessions. Let me explain. Your body relies on three systems to produce energy and each system [...]

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