Bryan Levick's MMA Articles

November 2012 // Quick Hits
5 Minutes with BJ Penn

What’s the best thing about living in Hawaii? The biggest draw would have to be the year-round 80-degree weather. It’s always a beautiful day here. What’s a typical day like for you right now? I wake up, do some cardio, eat, watch some TV on the couch, train, eat, train again, eat, then sleep. That’s [...]

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October 2012 // Names in the Game
Match Game

Nearly every MMA fighter, fan, and pundit has played the role of matchmaker. Before, after, and during every fight, message boards and social media outlets light up with opinions on who should fight who next. While it’s fun to play the role, very few—if any—of these keyboard warriors have an idea of just how difficult [...]

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July 2011 // MMA Life
Catching Up with Carano

It’s been almost three years since Gina Carano stepped out of the Strikeforce cage—and the hits just keep on coming for her. The decision to continue fighting or take a stab at acting wasn’t an easy one for Gina Carano. After all, fighting had been in her life for so many years and is a [...]

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