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April 2011 // Names in the Game
Stopping The Machine

The Flamengo district of Rio de Janeiro is a hot, lively place, bustling with friendly locals and free-spirited tourists. On the top floor of the all bells-and-whistles Club Upper Sport, you’ll find José Aldo training with the cream of Nova Uniao—guys like Marlon Sandro, Diego Nunes, and Amilcar Alves—while being coached by André “Dede” Pederneiras. [...]

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May 2010 // Quick Hits
Putting Penn To Paper

For MMA legend BJ Penn, the fire still burns since first competing professionally in 2001. In his new book Why I Fight (Harper Collins), co-authored with David Weintraub, Penn tells the inside story of how a kid from Hilo conquered the UFC and beyond. From getting in trouble in high school to the events that [...]

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April 2010 // Features
The Quest For Perfection

At one of the entrances to Montreal’s Claude-Robillard Sports Complex, a sophisticated venue originally built for the 1976 Summer Olympics, light heavyweight Tom Murphy tells the story of meeting his current trainer. At UFC 58, Firas Zahabi was cornering Icho Larenas, whom Murphy stopped via TKO in the third round. Two years later at the [...]

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August 2009 // Fighting Fit
Enlightened Warrior

According to a 2008 market study done by Yoga Journal, the majority of the estimated 18 million yoga practitioners in North America are women. That’s nothing that would make heads turn, unless you’re checking out fit girls in their lululemon pants at the gym. It’s also well-established that the most prevalent ideas that permeate yoga [...]

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November 2008 // Features
Xtreme Couture Toronto

Most envision the great champions of combat sports emerging from the worst of conditions. Hellish ghettos in forgotten neighborhoods where the code of survival is kill or be killed; decrepit gyms where rusty equipment and peeling paint reek of poverty and desperation. Places where one must search deep within just to fi nd the spirit [...]

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December 2008 // Names in the Game
“Life, Love, And Faustball”

There are times when everything appears stable—yet one day, the bottom simply drops out. PRIDE FC was the largest and most dominant of MMA promotions, yet the loss of a television deal was all it took for the organization to crumble. All of the top stars were up for grabs, with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua (16-3) [...]

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