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December 2011

Jon Fitch: One Finish Away | With one title shot thwarted by GSP in 2008 and a fight to a draw with B.J. Penn in 2011, a second title shot has thus far eluded the welterweight contender, but he’s looking to change that with his upcoming fight against Johny Hendricks at UFC 141. You’ll find out why this AKA team captain really doesn’t care what the naysayers have to say about him, what he considers his “f*!k it moment,” and how he’s just one big finish away from getting back into welterweight title contention.

M-1 Global: Fight Nerd Adoration | Join Matthew “The Fight Nerd” Kaplowitz as he breaks down the fascinating history of M-1 Global, shares his unabashed love for M-1 and gives readers an inside look into some of M-1’s current rising stars.

On Our Naughty & Nice List | Strikeforce guest ring girl Jordan Daniele sure has a way of brightening our holidays! Learn how this die-hard Pittsburgh Steelers fan got hooked on MMA and what’s on her Christmas list. We know what’s on ours!

November 2011

Joe Lauzon: The UFC’s Lightweight Monkey Wrench | Joe Lauzon discusses why he is perfectly content being the underdog of the division and the one most likely to crash the party, swiftly halting opponents’ climb up the division’s stacked ladder. He’s in the top three for end-of-the night bonuses and for good reason. Get to know the tech-savvy Massachusetts native like never before.

Bang-Bang Brawler | Duane “Bang” Ludwig has been in the MMA game for more than a decade, donning leather for the UFC, Strikeforce, K-1 and many more. What makes this remain active in the sport, what one record is he looking to set straight and does he really look all that much like “Cowboy” Cerrone?

Alexis Vila’s School of Hard Knocks | A world-class athlete who defected from Communist Cuba and later spent time in an American prison, Bellator’s undefeated bantamweight phenom Alexis Vila was born to fight.

Hot-Lanta Hottie | There is simply nothing quite as sexy as an MMA fan who is as into the sport as we are—and those long blonde locks and mesmerizing baby blues don’t hurt one bit either. Gentlemen, meet Brynne Ridgewell.

October 2011

Carlos Condit: Natural Selection | After Nick Diaz seals his fate by not showing up for fight-promotion pressers, UFC calls on Condit to replace him in the title fight against welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre at UFC 137. Seemingly destined for this shot, Condit talks training, his contingency plan for this Jackson Camp vs. Jackson Camp match up and his plans for leaving with the strap.

Experiencing Rio | Ben Fowlkes takes the reader on a first-person account of his historic trip to Rio de Janeiro for UFC 134. In Rio you get it all…from some of the most dedicated fans in the world and a sea of thongs and Speedos.

UFC on Fox | A closer look at UFC’s mega deal with Fox—and estimated $100 million a year deal for seven years and what it could mean for ardent fans, The Ultimate Fighter show, fighter sponsors and more. Stay tuned!

Chris Lytle: A Noteworthy Career | A look back at nine of Chris “Lights Out” Lytle’s best fights and why, even in retirement, he is respected as one of the classiest acts in the middleweight division.

Chrissy Blair: Come Sail Away! | The winner of the TransWorld Motocross model search and guest ring girl at UFC 133, Chrissy Blair shows us her sexy sea legs on this high seas adventure.

September 2011

Brian Bowles: The Man Comes Around | There is a quiet confidence about former WEC Bantamweight Champion Brian Bowles. He’s gone from being a mixed martial artist built from the ground up to champion to champion chaser. He may just be a bit of the calm before the storm, but make no mistake—Bowles has his sights set on another former WEC champion, Urijah Faber, for their UFC 139 contest. He plans to best Faber and after that, he’s after redemption.

2011 Hall of Famers | FIGHT! Magazine names three more honorees to its Hall of Fame. These three greats are clearly some of the most recognizable names (and faces) in the game, advocating for and promoting the sport like no other.

Bellator’s Eddie Alvarez | Alvarez talks about being Philly born-and-bred, being proud of his Puerto Rican roots as he leads the pack as Bellator’s Lightweight Champion and what current champion he’s dying to go up against in the cage.

Molly Qerim: All Class | UFC, ESPN and CBS sportscaster Molly Qerim graces our pages like no other. There’s something to be said for brains, beauty, class and an in-depth knowledge of all things sports, not to mention the fact that she could kick your ass in Muay Thai or Jiu-Jitsu class.

August 2011

Old School Bully | For UFC lightweight contender Gray Maynard, second place is not enough and his draw against UFC Lightweight Champion Frank Edgar in January was unacceptable to him. As Gray gears up for his three-peat bout against Edgar in October, he shares why wrestling will always be in his blood and why he never ever watches The Ultimate Fighter.

Streaks On! | From seven to 22 fights won in a row, these dozen fighters are on winning streaks to fear and emulate. In the mix: Jose Aldo, Nick Diaz, Anderson Silva and more. Check it out!

UFC: Back to Brazil | Nearly 13 years after its last event in Brazil, the UFC prepares to return to the history-rich country that started it all. Author Kelly Crigger breaks down the origins of an evolved sport as the world readies for UFC 134 in Brazil.

Iron Jaws | R.J. Clifford takes a look at eight super tough jaws that can take a punch and keep on going…and going…and going.

The Best of Kenda Perez | For viewers of The Best of Pride Fighting Championship, the most delicious part of the show is host Kenda Perez. And for our faithful readers, we serve up a special summer treat—a spirited five-page pictorial. Enjoy!

July 2011

All-American Brian Stann | Jim Casey sits down with war hero and former Marine Brian Stann to find out how the fighter affectionately dubbed, “Captain American 2.0” is committed to helping war veterans and why his move to the middleweight division and training at Jackson’s-Winklejohn’s is propelling him to his goal of UFC gold.

MMA Movers & Shakers | From newbies to legends, matchmakers to power players, our annual Power 20 list is the very fabric from which MMA is being built.

Unabashed Outlaw | Whether it’s full-on Octagon contact or a frank chit-chat, Dan Hardy doesn’t hold back. The Outlaw explains why MMA trash-talking seems to have become a lost art and why he’s in a must-win situation with his upcoming fight against Chris Lytle.

Encore!: Bellator’s Jade Bryce | This ring card girl and world traveler proves she’s no less stunning the second time around in this must-see follow-up pictorial.

June 2011

DOMINATING: DOMINICK CRUZ | SEEING ALL THE ANGLES | UFC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz discusses his drive, his fight philosophy and how he has the uncanny ability to hit and not be hit in a fight. Cruz also fills us in on why his personal grudge against the only man who he’s lost against in 18 fights—Urijah Faber—is real and why there will be fireworks when they meet up for a second time at UFC 132 on July 2nd.

THE 7 NATURAL WONDERS | We bid a fond farewell to Captain America—Randy Couture—as he hangs up his five-ounce gloves after an inspiring career. Brandon Artiles breaks down Randy’s seven greatest fights with some great reflection from his MMA compadres.

FEATHERING FLOCK | Nine UFC featherweights, including reigning champion Jose Aldo, are riding a high wave in MMA right now. Among them, who could potentially have what it takes to give Aldo a run for his money?

May 2011

ROY NELSON | GO YOUR OWN WAY | This UFC heavyweight is obviously not your typical chiseled mixed martial artist at weigh-ins. But there’s a whole lot more to this big-hearted, belly-rubbing warrior than meets the eye. Inside world of “Big Country,” we discover a tough contender ready to face Frank Mir for not only a place on the UFC heavyweight division ladder but for gym rights as well.

THE BANTY BROTHERS | Small and mighty, these 135-pound WEC transfers are making waves in the UFC with unlimited potential, lightning-fast action and some of the most exciting main card matchups the sport has ever seen. We take a look at nine superstars who are rocking the Octagon, including: Dominick Cruz, Urijah Faber, Miguel Torres and more!

ALOHA TAYLOR! | Taylor Makakoa is the best thing to come out of Hawaii since B.J. Penn—and pretty easy on the eyes, too.

April 2011

CLAY GUIDA | Unsafe at Any Speed | This guy has just one speed and that is full speed ahead. Guida’s an everyday kind of man whose trademark mane and never-say-die fighting style endears fans to him wherever he goes. He’s got more Fight of the Night honors than most any fighter out there and is laying down solid training roots at Jackson’s-Winkeljohn’s for his upcoming fight against Anthony “Showtime” Pettis.

THE 33 MOST DANGEROUS STRIKERS IN MMA | Our 33 winners have been chosen based on five criteria: the element of danger, fighters who are currently active in the sport, KO power, creativity and the “it” factor. We’ll give you a teaser—Torres, Mousasi, Machida, Belfort, Penn, Gomi and Jones—but who’s your vote for who’s in the plum spot?

POOLSIDE WITH CORISSA FURR | Our favorite new Strikeforce ring card girl showers up for us in a bikini poolside. Need we say more?

March 2011

TUF GUY | Junior dos Santos has worked his way through a who’s who list of MMA greats to his current spot as top contender to the UFC heavyweight title. On the road there, a detour has him coaching TUF Season 13, after which he will face Brock Lesnar before getting back on track to UFC gold. This humble Brazilian will tell you—it’s all part of the dream and part of the plan.

RASSLE BEASTS | Who would you place at the top of the wrestling heap in our 33 Best Wrestlers in MMA list? Brock Lesnar? Urijah Faber? Randy Couture? Matt Hughes? They’re all on the list, but none in the top spot. So who’s there? Someone who’s making his mark on MMA every time he steps in the cage.

FASHION FORWARD | Forrest Griffin offers a hilarious take on appropriate cage attire and isn’t shy about his opinions on manties, board shorts and Speedos, among other things. The Forrest Griffin paper doll—well, just consider that a bonus.

BRITNEY PALMER | Yes! She’s totally on board with Urijah Faber’s “Brittney Palmer for Playboy” campaign—and after you see her in this month’s pictorial spread, you’ll know why we are too!

February 2011

2010 FIGHT! AWARDS | Is it really any surprise to see UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez as the winner of FIGHT!’s 2010 Fighter of the Year award after TKO’ing the title from Brock Lesnar at UFC 121? Check out the other awards—some surprises and some not—for our Fight, KO, Submission, Upset, and Newcomer of the Year. And while you’re at it, check out the impressive list of honorable mentions in each category!

WHAT A YEAR! | In our FIGHT!’s 2010 Year in Review article, we give you a timeline which includes everything from highlights of January’s WEC 46 event to the late December announcement of UFC legend Chuck Liddell’s official retirement from MMA—and everything that is glorious and bloody in-between.

CARLSON GRACIE | Five years after his death, we take a look back and remember the legacy of Carlson Gracie.

HEARTY HELPING | Wild salmon, sweet potatoes, red wine and dark chocolate—Valentine’s Day dinner just served up some heart-healthy benefits.

January 2011

COMPANY MAN | Rich Franklin isn’t ashamed to be labeled a “company man,” especially for the UFC, where he has 15 fights under his career belt. Whether it’s philanthropy, a move up to the light heavyweight division, or being in it to win it—Franklin is 100 percent committed.

TOP 43 SUBBERS IN THE BIZ | We’ve got B.J. Penn, Demian Maia, Anderson Silva, Nick Diaz and Jeremy Horn, of course. But who reigns supreme at the top of our Best 43 Submission Artists list? Can you guess?

DEMOLITION MAN | Alistair Overeem is focused on being the first dual K-1/Strikeforce champion but there’s nothing more he wants more than to get his gloves on Fabricio Werdum and Fedor Emelianenko to finally silence the critics.

URIJAH-CIZE | You can reap the benefits of non-weight exercises, too—just like Urijah Faber.

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