Matt Mitrione's Ultimate Fighter Blog: Whatever

Matt Mitrione's Ultimate Fighter Blog: Whatever



Following each episode of The Ultimate Fighter Heavyweights, Team Rashad member Matt Mitrione will share his thoughts on what happened on camera and behind the scenes.

How high school is it for people to speculate behind my back that I’m faking an injury? Is it really that big of a deal? Is it worth a whole segment on the show?

I’ve never had shoulder issues like that before, never. The amount of mileage on my, Marcus’ and Wes Shivers’ body is pretty high. So when we do a high volume of upper body stuff like two hundred jabs, my rotator cuff’s going to get a little bit sore. I played football for 19 years, Marcus played for like, 23. Playing football at a D-I program and in the NFL you get to know your body really well. Who does Rashad think he is to tell me getting a cortisone shot is a bad idea? Why were THEY being so dramatic about it?

My shoulder was bad for four or five days before that conversation. There was a pretty significant amount of time between when I hurt my shoulder rolling and when I had a conversation with Rashad about having a cortisone shot. I had taken three or four practices off where I did nothing at all. It’s common practice when you’re coming back from time off to do a good little amount of work and ice it. You don’t try to kill an injury or beat it into the ground. So when I wanted to ice it and they were like, no, no, I was like, fine. You can see when I was working straight lefts I was barely hitting the bag.

The coaches were saying they were gonna make me do pushups – that’s stupid. If you think I’m bullshitting, tell me, don’t talk about me behind my back. They didn’t show me asking Jon Chaimberg what I could do to strengthen my shoulder. They didn’t show me in my closet doing shoulder workouts every morning and every night.

When they’re talking about me shooting baskets in the pool, did you notice that I was using my right hand and my left arm did absolutely nothing? I’m left handed, shooting with my right hand, yet I’m a faker? Then at the dinner table Brendan and Roy are talking about things I do with my right hand. So obviously they are building me up to look as bad as possible.

That’s what’s funny to me. I’m being shown as this dramatic person but it’s my shoulder, it doesn’t affect anybody else. I wanted to go to the doctor and get a cortisone shot. Why was everyone so concerned about it? I didn’t complain, I just said I want a cortisone shot and it will be fine in a couple days. I’m sure it had to do with the week before. Rashad called me a drama king but when I hurt it I was like ‘don’t worry about it, don’t worry about it, I’ll keep practicing.’ Whatever. It really doesn’t bother me at all.

I don’t know what to make of Zak. Brendan’s right, Zak didn’t belong there. He’s not an Alpha Male; he’s not anything dominant whatsoever. In that situation you just feel bad for him. He played football at Northern Illinois and I was supposed to play football there so we had some things in common. I joined in on making fun of him a little but but I told him to come talk to me if he needed to, I told him I was a friend, made sure he knew he was cool with me. I know what it’s like to be the scapegoat but if you’re getting picked on and you can’t even defend yourself? That’s pretty rough.

The fight this week was weird. When I was watching it in person, I didn’t realize how slow Wes’ punches were. He was telegraphing them. He seemed like he was really out of his body. I make rookie mistakes when I’m rolling because I should, but with Sims, it looked like he had no clue what he was doing. He didn’t struggle to get back up, it seemed like Sims just kind of lost him mind for a couple of minutes. Before the fight, we were talking in the house about how Sims doesn’t tap. He doesn’t tap in practice, either. He was out for six or seven seconds before Herb even acknowledged that he was out.

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  1. Editing Monster. Because there’s so much more time between fights compared to fighting every week in a football season that there’s a different perspective to small injuries ballooning into larger ones.

  2. Hey nice job getting your blog entry up early this week after last week’s delay!

    I was shocked by the Sims fight, I take back what I said about Kimbo in a comment to Abe’s blog; Kimbo looked like a pro compared to Wes. I thought if anyone on Rampage’s team was going to win it’d be him, but he looked like everyone else on Rampage’s team: terrible. There’s obviously something wrong with the coaching on Team Rampage, and it’s not just Rampage dropping the ball, Tiki should be able to pick up any slack but he’s obviously fumbling as well. It’s also kind of ironic to see Rashad bitch about Team Rampage’s support for their fighters after seeing them talk about purposely making Matt’s shoulder worse with punishment push-ups, not to mention the way they were ragging on Roy in a previous episode. Rampage’s team seems to have better morale in practice, it’s weird that it isn’t translating to any wins.

    BTW, Matt, is ‘Meathead’ really your nickname, or is Rashad just being the jerk he accuses Rampage of being? I assume you don’t choose to call yourself Meathead, and for what it’s worth, your blog entries portray a fairly intelligent individual. I mean, at least you haven’t misuse the term ‘begs the question’ like Abe did in his blog, when he meant ‘raises the question’. And Abe’s supposed to be the highly educated one, right?

    As for your shoulder, a cortisone shot would have been a bad idea, but they should have let you ice it whenever you wanted. As for Rashad’s question “Is it sore or injured”, how are you supposed to answer that? Sure, you ‘know your body’, but you’re not a doctor, or an x-ray machine. How are you supposed to know whether it is just sore or something is torn in there? Don’t you guys take ibuprofen or something for pain and swelling? Well you should, in my opinion. Stay away from that Tylenol crap, it’s useless and poisonous.

  3. Actually my nickname is meathead. It comes from my last name which is usually mispronounced. It’s pronounced Mi-TREE-own and most of the time it is pronounced ME-tree-own. It’s been my nickname since I was 13 or so. Sometimes, you just have to accept what is and meathead is what it is!

    I got the cortisone shot and it worked like a charm. I’m rather familiar with the body and how it responds to certain therapies and as a result I felt that cortisone injection was my best option. I was taking 3600mg of ibuprofen a day for about 6 days before I got my injection (can see me taking it when speaking with Roy and Brendan) and had iced as much as possible (including ice cups for massages). They just decided to be dramatic and play it off as me being that guy again. Whatever it is, all questions regarding me and my intentions will be answered soon enough.

  4. he wasn’t out for that long. you can see it in his eyes and body he was barely out for two seconds if you count fast.

  5. Matt,

    It must have felt good to beat Scott Junk. It is very evident that your cardio was lacking big-time. Do you wish you trained harder? I mean, honeslty, I can not see you winning this thing, unless you face ‘titties’ in the final.

    Your punches were very strong to start the fight, but three minutes into it there was nothing behind them.

    Also, you were not protecting yourself sufficiently. Your hands were low the whole time.

    I hope after that fight you shut some people up. I also hope that you place more emphasis on your cardio and defense.

    I started to root for you, when everyone started doubting your abilities. Scott Junk was humbled, so I hope.

  6. Anyone beside me think that Matt would have stood his ground a lot better than titties and actually approach and wlak right into Rampage’s face instead of just standing there like titties did when Rampage called him out the second time? I mean at the same time it isnt too smart since Rampage could sucker punch or sucker tackle him or slap him but I still think matt would have done something more in that situation than titties, right Matt? What was going through your head when that happened and did you have a reaction planned at that moment if that was you getting disrespected and treated like titties was by Jackson?

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