Josh Thomson: Strikeforce Lightweights As Good As UFC's

Josh Thomson: Strikeforce Lightweights As Good As UFC's


Josh Thomson took some time to talk to FIGHT!’s Danny Acosta about maturing as a fighter and the state of Strikeforce’s lightweight division. Thomson will defend his belt against Strikeforce Interim Lightweight Champ Gilbert Melendez at Strikeforce Evolution at the HP Pavilion in San Jose on Dec. 19.


    • Thomson holds the belt. If Melendez wins he becomes the Strikeforce Lightweight Champion. If Melendez loses he is no longer the Interim Champ and Thomson retains his belt.

  1. Last night was a pretty good night of fights from Strikeforce. I must say the last time I saw Melendez I was not impressed, I saw him fight in August and it was a huge bore. Last night I saw him motivated and it was good. I still have not been wowed by many in Strikeforce and honestly if you took the best fighter from Strikefoce and put them up with many in the UFC they would be beaten easily. The entire time I’m watching the fight last night I’m thinking Kenny Florian would blow though these guys in the first few minutes of the first round. No way they could ever compete with BJ Penn. Even “Hands of Steel” was a marginal UFC figher at best and I think he’s a strong guy with power and a great chin but the competition in Strikeforce is far below the UFC. And if Fedor is such a great fighter why wouldn’t he want to test his skills with the best fighters in the business? Fedor choose Strikeforce because there is no competition. I can’t believe he’s the best when he won’t compete with the best. Strikeforce’s lightweights are not as good as the UFC.

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