FIGHT! Life: Frank Mir – Outcast (VIDEO)

FIGHT! Life: Frank Mir – Outcast (VIDEO)


As a kid, Frank Mir was a Dungeons and Dragons nerd and fantasy book freak with no friends. Then he got big, and people started showing him respect. But even to this day, Mir still has his share of haters. In part two of this FIGHT! Life series, Frank takes us back to his days as a social outcast, and has a few words for the message board warriors who keep talking smack.

Produced and directed by Matthew Ross. Camera: Rick Lee, Marc Rizzo, Randy Ward. Edited by Ryan Jackson-Healy and Ashley Cahill. Music by Jacques Brautbar.


  1. FIGHT! Videos are always so well put together. Loved this one. Does Mir talk 100 miles per hour or is it just me?!?

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