Forrest Griffin Talks Tito Ortiz (VIDEO)

Forrest Griffin Talks Tito Ortiz (VIDEO)


FIGHT! photog Paul Thatcher caught up with former Ultimate Fighting Championship title holder Forrest Griffin before a workout at Xtreme Couture. Griffin is preparing to face Tito Ortiz for the second time at UFC 106 and says that Ortiz’s name recognition makes it easier to field questions while at Starbucks and Albertson’s.


  1. Forrest – always such a HAM!
    I just don’t know. I think Forrest has the potential to beat Tito, but he better have his head right. He’s gotten beaten the fuck down in his last couple, so it makes you wonder. He’ cool though, and very friendly. At least he will always have that going for him if he gets the shit beat out of him!

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