Dan Hardy Doesn't Like Josh Koscheck (VIDEO)

Dan Hardy Doesn't Like Josh Koscheck (VIDEO)


Dan Hardy talked to FIGHT!’s Elizabeth Holloway and the Brit doesn’t mince words on the subject of fellow UFC welterweight Josh Koscheck.


  1. Dan Hardy doesn’t deserve a title shot, Koscheck doesn’t either the 170 lbs division got really weak really fast because no one can beat GSP. Dan Hardy is joke he doesn’t stand a chance against GSP he probably couldn’t even beat Koscheck or any top fighters in the 170 lbs division (not saying Swick isn’t). Put Hardy against, Thiago Alves, Jon Fitch, Matt Hughs any top contender Hardy would get whooped.

  2. I agree and disagree Justin.. First, Dan is a complete idiot. Sitting here in front of some beans.. moron.. I liked him before he did this ridiculous interview. Everyone can say what they want to about Koscheck but the reality is is that he has been the only one given the title shot. He fought GSP in the past and granted it was not a good showing but there where some decent trades back and forth. I really don’t think Dan is well rounded enough to contend with many in his division. Thiago, Hughs, and a few others including Koscheck and even Johnson would beat Hardy easy. I don’t think he’s met the top talent Koscheck has for him to be so cocky. I don’t think that GSP is like Silva undestructable. GSP is vulnerable, he’s shown that before w/Serra. I think he works to strengthen those areas but if Kos is given the opportunity again and doesn’t fall to intimidation he would have the best set of skills to take GSP out.

  3. Kos doesn’t have good enough skills to compete with GSP. GSP has more power in his hands than kos ( he put thiago alves on his ass twice with one punch). Gsp is a much more dynamic and better striker he is way stronger than kos. and his wrestling is the best in mma. Bj Penn has the best set of skills to compete against GSP. but we have seen how that played out (twice). GSP is the king of the welterweights and will be for a long time. nobody can really challenge him.

  4. Hardy is going to get absolutely smothered by GSP. Hardy is a cocky lime with a loud mouth and is unable to back it up against any top competition.

  5. i agree with big mac. dan hardy is a pretty tough fighter. he’s one of those guys with a personality that can be compared to say a character in the movie rock n rolla. his last fight proved well that he can take a beating and come back at you with some heat. he’s a great fighter with a devilish profile. of course i do somewhat agree with justin though g.s.p. is far from anyone in his class. the man is amazing. an unstoppable force. hardy vs pierre should be an interesting fight. dont get me wrong im g.s.p. all the way but this match up should be one to watch.

    as for koscheck. he sucks. he talks crap. media craving punk. you only hear of koscheck when he’s either a. getting beat up so bad its embarrassing. b. he’s talking crap to somebody who can shut him up. or c. some one goes and says “who’s koscheck.”

  6. Kosh would destroy Hardy. No doubt. Koshchek unlike Gsp will fight every month or two. st pierre will fight 2 fights a year easier way to win. 3 max but never again. kosh will give gsp a run for his money in a rematch. Kosh has lost respect by noobs for jumping in last minute no prep time like against alves, the fight vs gsp. kosh was to cocky to train properly for gsp,still almost knocked gsp out via body slam, but st pierre grabbed the fence illegally and stopped that from happening. but kosh mounted gsp end of 1st round and started pummelling gsp until clock ran out. The following rounds gsp schooled kosh with his size and weight advantage. gsp like franklin before silva, is #1 at cutting weight and putting it back on in 24-36 hours.

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