Coker says Fedor to face Rogers

Coker says Fedor to face Rogers


Scott Coker made a major announcement today while attending Fedor Emelianenko’s promotional appearance in New York City. According to Coker Fedor’s first fight in Strikeforce will be against Brett Rogers, who most recently knocked out former Ultimate Fighting Championship heavyweight champion Andrei Arlovski. Coker didn’t offer any specific details but it’s likely the fight will take place this fall.

With current Strikeforce champion Alistair Overeem laid up with a nagging hand injury, Rogers is the best available opponent in terms of skill set and notoriety. But since this will not be a championship bout, Strikeforce is risking eliminating Rogers, one of its few credible heavyweights, from title contention while the current champion is on indefinite hiatus.

FIGHT! Fans: Does Rogers stand a good chance of winning this fight or is a Fedor victory a foregone conclusion?


  1. Foregone conclusion. After Fedor wraps up Rogers and quite possibly Overeem, I say fatten up Mousasi and give him a shot.

  2. This is a joke, it is like putting Michael Jordan in his prime against some unknown College Basketball Player.

  3. Fedor is a joke, he eschewed the UFC for a second rate organization is now competing against second rate opponents. Fedor will never live this decision down and his legacy will forever be tarnished!

  4. To those of you sayin’ Fedor is a joke…… simply put, you’re dumb!! Watch any fight Fedor has ever been in….. he dominates!!! He has not avoided UFC, he just hasn’t sold out to Dana White’s bulls**t!! I believe no matter who you put in front of him, any fighter in the game, he will dominate!!! I say let him take Lesnar’s belt!! For instance, if you don’t think Fedor can fight…… ask Arlovski, or better yet, ask Hong Man Choi!!!

  5. if you never heard brett rogers your not a real mma fan. your just a ufc fan. you say putting fedor against rogers is like putting michael jordan against an unknown college player? what is the ufc doing? their having 2 college players fight for the title in nov. couture and nogeira are legends but their washups. come on! couture is 46 years old! nogiera in his prime had the hardest chin in mma. yet he comes to ufc and gets knocked down by a second rated HW(herring) and then gets knocked out against mir, who we all could say is good but not great. dont believe the hype machine in thinking that “if theyre not in ufc theyre not that good.”

  6. You are all stupid if you think that fedor doesn’t want to fight in ufc it’s juste that he ants to compete in DREAM also in UFC at the same time and he wanted M-1 global to make the promotion with the UFC… It’s just Dana who had not enough money… Fedor is the best of all time you foolssssssssssss

  7. First off fedor is no joke, either is brett Roger’s… I have personally met brett Roger’s I like his attitude and his never die mentality… It’s going to be a GOOD fight

  8. To be the best, you have to fight the best. Who has Emelienko fought since Dec. 31st 2006? Well I’ll let you know, and give you their records since they fought Emelianenko.

    Mart Hunt (0-3)
    Matt Linland (1-1)win against Fabio Nascimento
    Hong-man Choi (1-1) win against Jose Canseco
    Tim Sylvia (0-1)
    Andre Arlovski (0-1)

    What does this tell us, that Emelianenko fought people way past their prime and on the down side of their careers. Emelianenko has fought a bought of jokes and therefore he is a joke! He is scared of the talent that the UFC brings, oh and don’t tell me that $5 million a fight is not enough money!

  9. hey josh, 3 of those fighter were ranked in the top 10 in the world when fedor fought them. you can play with the numbers all you want. but any HW in ufc will tell you that fedor is the best out there. if there is a HW out there that thinks they can beat Fedor why dont they wait until their contract is up and go fight fedor in strikeforce. if they are that good, they will get paid to fight the best fighter.

  10. fedor dont have to go to the ufc to fight the best. barnett is ranked #3 in the world, monson is ranked #4 in the world, and rogers is ranked #6 in the world. these 3 are not in ufc and would make for 3 great fights. ufc needs fedor more than fedor needs ufc. he is a proven legend and there aint no one that can discredit him

  11. Hey Daniel, who are you the MMA encyclopedia? Do you have a job or do you read these blogs all day with Josh?

  12. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…what are y’all gonna do if Fedor falls to Brett Rogers? I think Rogers is legit, but Fedor should be fighting nothing but the top 2 or 3 guys in the world. It would destroy his legacy losing to a virtual unknown. But I guess that’s what maked MMA such a great sport. Kind of like when Joe Warren beat Norifumi Yamamoto.

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