Chael Sonnen Sounds Off

Chael Sonnen Sounds Off


Chael Sonnen is saying all the right things about his UFC 109 opponent Nate Marquardt. But the plainspoken middleweight contender doesn’t mince words on the subjects of Anderson Silva, Demian Maia, or the A-Team.

On the current UFC Middleweight Champion:

• “Anderson Silva is the only champion in any division—he’s the only guy that even gets discussed as the pound for pound best who not only has never beat a wrestler. He’s never even fought one. Not even on the dirty streets of Brazil when he was a kid has Anderson fought a wrestler let alone beat one.” [ed. note – Silva defeated Team Quest co-founder and noted wrestler Dan Henderson at UFC 82]

• “He went up to light heavyweight and beat up a couple of slow, unathletic guys. He beat up every bum that could get a plane ticket to Ohio. He beat up a one-legged Canadian. He beat a teammate of mine who was drunk when he got in the ring. I don’t understand what the hype around Anderson is.”

• “If he wants to fight a wrestler—me or anyone else—there’s plenty of wrestlers that’ll be happy to blast him right through the cage and beat a hole in his face. If I’m the guy whose name comes out of the hat, believe me when that music hits those speakers, I’ll put my mouth piece in and make that walk.”

On Demian Maia, the man who submitted him at UFC 95:

• “Maia and I will meet up again. It’ll be for the title when we do,” said Sonnen. “I’ll tell ya, I’m gonna blast him with a double leg, put him on his back and beat a hole in his face. I’m not gonna stand-up and dance around because I’m afraid of being in his guard.”

On Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s involvement in The A-Team movie:

• “That actually ruined it for me. I’ve been waiting for them to do an A-Team [movie]. I heard rumblings out of Hollywood they were coming up with one. I’d been excited for years. And when the cast Rampage, I probably won’t even go see it now,” said Sonnen, who added that he thinks Jackson will do an “outstanding” job in the film…but he still won’t go see it.

Sonnen will face Marquardt at UFC 109 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nev. on Feb. 6. Read more about Sonnen in the Feb. issue of FIGHT! Magazine, on newsstands now!


  1. This guy is a complete idiot. Seriously. It makes ME want to fight Sonnen. I GUARANTEE you…if you are putting your money on this fight. Put it on Nate Marquardt, he is going to beat this loud mouth hick. This guy is such a nobody that he doesn’t even deserve to SAY the name Anderson Silva. If his commentary is as accurate as his fight predictions he’s in trouble.

    Silva has “Never beaten a wrestler” Riiiight. Jeremy Horn, Yushin Okami, Dan Henderson. None of these guy’s know anything about wrestling right? And none of his other opponent regularly train their wrestling?

    “Slow unathletic guys” At 205? Forrest Griffin former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion…often referred to as a “gym rat” yeah…totally nonathletic…it’s not like he’s beaten Quinton Jackson and “Shogun” Rua…or anything. James Irvin…yeah….8 second KO’s aren’t fast enough…I’m sure Irvin has such slow hands that Houston Alexander just decided he’d prefer to be hit in the face instead of get out of the way. After all I’m sure he had PLENTY of time to dodge the punch considering how slow Irvin is…right Chael?

    Demian Maia? OH..that’s right…the guy that…beat you. Yeah…so why are you talking? Why didn’t you simply “punch a hole” in his face? That’s your plan for “next time” right? Sure…you probably decided to LOSE just so that Silva didn’t see you coming when you KO him right? Riiight. Oh yeah…same Maia that your next opponent knocked out cold with the only strike of the fight? Hmm…good luck with that one.

    A-team movie. SOOOO…let me get this straight. You are so lame that you couldn’t wait for a remake of a 80’s tv show. AND you think that Jackson will be “outstanding” in the film. But…because it’s a movie you WANTED to see…and you think a guy is going to do WELL in the film…You DON’T want to see it? How does…a good thing…and a good thing…by your own standard…make you NOT want to see it?

    You are so stupid. You are just right for the Republican Party…maybe you are enough of an idiot to get into public office. You’ll need something to do while you are recovering from that first round KO Marquardt’s going to lay on you.

    And you will NEVER fight Anderson Silva. You just aren’t talented enough.

  2. Juan, I totally agree with you. I respect Chael for his accomplishments. But not only do I think he obviously needs to do his research before opening his big mouth, I don’t think he is even on the same level as Marquardt.

    And all of this talk about Anderson not fighting wrestlers is coming from a guy with all of his losses on the ground?!? Seriously? And you have a lot of growth to do as a person and a fighter before you will ever deserve a chance at Silva.

  3. I feel the same way . I think that Sonnen is getting his 5 mins of fame before he fads into the dark!!! lol

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