New Gear


1. Nexersys

Nexersys looks different from any training equipment you’ve ever seen, and using High Intensity Interval Cross Training (HIIT), soon your body will look dramatically different, too. Nexersys provides a totally new personal training experience, transforming your body into a lean, mean, fighing maching. With an on-board interactive trainer to teach, challenge, and track your fitness progress, Nexersys can keep your exercise regimen one step ahead of the competition.


2. Mass Suit

The Mass Suit is a one-of-a-kind piece of workout equipment designed to help you improve your speed, conditioning, and power with a total-body resistance training workout. Push (and pull) your fitness limits to the edge with this full-body workout.


3. Hayabusa Warrior Hoodie

Embody your fighting spirit with the new Hayabusa Warrior hoodie. The rich, red fabric is complemented by the white detailing of a soaring falcon. It looks cool, plus, it’s damn comfy.


4. Bellator MMA Onslaught

Last month we made the mistake of listing a price for this amazing game when it is actually a FREE Download. Check it out at:

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