5 Minutes With Paul Daley

Two UFC fights. Two knockouts. Are you enjoying the hype?


I’m trying to avoid it really. I’m trying to stay grounded, stay chilled, and ignore all the hype going on all around me.


How did you get started in MMA?


I came across a UFC 1 DVD. I keep saying that shit. I came across a UFC 1 video — it was video back then. I watched it and saw Royce Gracie got a massive check. I thought, ‘I want some money.’ Pretty much went like that.


Where did the “Semtex” nickname come from?


I was fighting amateurs at the time, and me and one of my work friends were looking at a few of my old fights, trying to come up with a name that described the way I was fighting. He just came up with Semtex.


Were you a professional wrestling fan growing up?


I think everyone was. With Wrestle Mania and Summer Slam and all that, but I wouldn’t say I was a huge fan. I was like a normal kid. I liked the Ultimate Warrior and Shawn Michaels—the early Shawn Michaels—and the original Undertaker.


You used to work in marketing. Who is the least marketable guy in MMA?


The least marketable guy in mixed martial arts? Ah God, let me have a think. Who would I say? I don’t know, there are so many idiots involved in this sport it’s hard to pick one out. I’d hate to single one out. No one’s jumping in my mind at the moment. There are a few idiots.


What have you done with your Cage Rage title?


I’ve got like three or four belts actually. They’re all nice belts. I’m moving into a new apartment soon, and I’ve always wanted a glass display cabinet. I’m going to put it in my office.


What’s the first meal you like to eat after a fight is finished?




Name a promising young fighter on the UK scene?


There a lot. Away from my team, I’d probably say Jason Young. He’s from London. I think he fights with Team Titan. He’s got the right ability—the right mindset.


Most embarrassing song on your iPod?


I’ve got good tunes. I haven’t got any embarrassing ones. I have some old school ones. I’ve got some Informer by Snow on there.


That would count as embarrassing, Paul.


I still think Snow … I think he’s alright.


The Canadian white rapper is alright?


Yeah, the Canadian white Jamaican rapper! I always listen to Informer. I know all the words, so it’s one of my favorite songs to listen to.


Do you like Lady Gaga?


No. My little 4-year-old niece likes Lady Gaga. I don’t.


Greatest British fighter not named Paul Daley? No teammates.


I think Terry Etim is a good guy to watch. I’ve trained with Terry and he’s got tons of ability. He’s got the right mindset as well, which is the most important thing. I think he’ll do well.


What’s the last movie you saw in a theatre that you really liked?


The last movie I saw that I enjoyed was probably Law Abiding Citizen.What I do when I watch films—which I’m good at and I’ll challenge anybody to it—is try to figure out the story before it gets to the end.


Best striker from England, you or Lee Murray?


[laughs] It’s hard to strike from a Moroccan jail. I’d say me.


You’ve fought in the States many times. What’s been your favorite part of visiting?


Probably your malls and your weather and the fact that I can buy lots of stuff in America that you can’t get over in the UK. The fans are nice as well.


What does it take for a woman to win over Paul Daley?


Got to be funny, I think. Got to have my sense of humor. Fairly attractive.[Daley is playfully poking fun at his girlfriend, who is in the room listening.] The main thing is humor.


Lucy Pinder or Scarlett Johansson?


Scarlett Johansson. Nice face.


Going with the American. That’s nice.


It’s not because she’s American. It’s because she’s naturally prettier. She’s not so common looking.


I’m sure Lucy will appreciate your comments.


[Laughs] Cheers! Find me on Facebook and my Web site www.semtex.tv. Cheers mate.

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