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What's in a Name?

enter SHARE see url RANDY (THE NATURAL) COUTURE: soma indianapolis “Joe Gold called me that after I beat Vitor Belfort the fi rst time because I kind of adapted to his style and beat him standing up, which nobody expected. He said I naturally adapted to his style. He asked me if it was OK to call me The Natural and I said ‘I’ve been called a lot worse.’”

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watch buy cheap phentermine online JEFF (SNOWMAN) click MONSON: Fighters in Brazil gave the pastywhite Monson his nickname in 1999. At Abu Dhabi Combat Club Submission Grappling Tournament he beat 4 Brazilians in a row to win the title. They said he was like a snowball gaining momentum with each fight.

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Aura Soma Order Online “Mike Van Arsdale gave it to me. We were training and the way I was moving and sparring one day he was like ‘Man, you know you kind of like look, like Sugar Ray Robinson. And he just kept saying it and kept saying it, and it was kind of like – it kind of stuck”

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phentermine potentiate “I had a trainer who was amazed how I showed absolutely no emotion before fights. No fear, no hesitation, no anything. He said I was cold so he called me The Iceman.”

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enter source link GEORGES (RUSH) ST. PIERRE: “I got the nickname Rush because early in my career many of my fights wouldn’t make it past the first round. A TKO promoter at the time told me I was like a rush of adrenaline.”


see url “One of my trainers was breeding pit bulls and had two of his own. They are the best fight dogs!”

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see url watch DAVID (THE CROW) LOISEAU:

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go site “L’oiseau in French means a bird and because I am black, kids at school used to call me Crow. A black bird.”  

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valium effects high RENATO (BABALU) SOBRAL: His nickname comes from a brand of Brazillian bubblegum. Peers used to tease him with the name because he looked like the chubby kid on the wrapper.

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herbal phentermine gnc go to site valium voie d'administration ANDERSON follow site (SPIDER) SILVA:

get link Through an interpreter, Silva explained that as a young boy, Spiderman was his favorite superhero.

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